About MedPGMasters

The idea behind Medpgmasters.com is to help all medical students to fulfill their dreams by getting top rank in PG Entrance exams like AIPGMEE, DNB-CET, APPG, JIPMER, AIIMS and more


About Medpgmasters.com:

Medpgmasters.com is an online portal for Medical students who are preparing for their PG exams. We have developed this online distance learning resources so that every student can get benefited by the questions and answers provided on our website. We have developed multiple online test series which can be taken as many times as you can.

Our customers can access our online distance learning resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…365 days a year! Our questions are kept up-to-date by our resource editors and contributors, who are experts in their field.

Our Team:

We are a group of Doctors started this website to help medical students to get prepared for their PG exams. Below are our experiences we faced during our preparation.

Swapna B (MS OBG):

According to my point of view how much time you are reading is not important, how much retaining in your brain is important.

Smart study, proper planning

Don’t spend too much time on single subject. You should cover all the subjects. Don’t make silly mistakes. About 70% of questions are asked from basic topics and 30% goes beyond that. So one should get very well prepared in basics. So taking this point into consideration we have designed our questions which cover all basics. We think this the main AIM of our website.

One thing we can assure that if you prepare from your website you will not make basic mistake.

How many questions you are doing daily is not important, how carefully you are answering is important.

That’s why we planned a 90 day schedule where you are given a limited number of questions per day in each subject so that you can cover all the subjects with 90 days.

Swarna K (DGO):

According to my point of view:

  • Planning is more important
  • Repeated revision places key role in getting marks in your PG entrance exams
  • Having a glance on previous day questions before starting today’s tests will help you b the becoming perfect in the subject

So keeping this point in mind we have developed a system where you can take the exams multiply times.

Revision is KEY TO SUCCESS

Swetha D (MD Pathology from Govt Medical College)

I worked very hard during my preparation but I did many blunders in the examination. I covered complete syllabus but I didn’t do any revision before going for an exam. So I made some mistakes which are not commonly done by many students. With 3 marks different I lost a clinical seat.

So my advice for all you studies is to completely take advantage of this website and don’t make silly mistakes.

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