From the below list of books our team had prepared the answers for the questions provided on our website.

  1. AK Khurana Opthomology Fifth Edition 
  2. AK Khurana Opthomology Fourth Edition 
  3. Annanthnarayan Microbiology Eight Edition
  4. Apleys Orthopedics Ninth Edition
  5. Bailey Surgery 25th Edition 
  6. BD chaurasia Fifth Edition volume 1
  7. BD Chaurasia Fifth Edition volume 2
  8. BD Chaurasia Fifth Edition Volume 3
  9. BDC Anatomy Edition Fifth
  10. De Gruchy, Anderson Pathology
  11. Dew Hurst Sixth Edition
  12. Dhingra ENT
  13. Dutta Gynecology Sixth Edition
  14. ENT Dhingra Fifth Edition
  15. ENT Dhingra Fourth Edition
  16. Esssentials of Pediatrics, Nelson Fourth Edition
  17. Fitz Patricks Dermatology, Sixth Edition
  18. Ganong, Physiology
  19. Goodman Gillman 12th Edition
  20. Grainger Radiology Fifth Edition
  21. Grays Anatomy 39th Edition
  22. Grays Anatomy, 
  23. Guyton Physiology 12th Edition 
  24. Harper Biochemistry 29th Edition
  25. Harrison Medicine
  26. Harrison medicine 18th Edition
  27. Harrison Surgery 18th Edition
  28. Harsh Mohan Sixth Edition
  29. IB Singh Embryology Fifth Edition
  30. IB Singh Histology Sixth Edition
  31. IDSP Project and Disease surveillance
  32. Inderbir Singh Histology Sixth Edition
  33. Internet
  34. Jeffcoate Seventh Edition
  35. Kanski Clinical Opthalmology Seventh Edition 
  36. Kaplan and Sadock Psychiatry Ninth Edition
  37. Kaplan Pharmacology
  38. Katzung 12th Edition
  39. KD Tripathi Pharmacology Sixth Edition
  40. Keith Moore Embryology
  41. Konemans Microbiology Sixth Edition
  42. Kubs Immunology Sixth Edition
  43. Leon Speroff Seventh Edition
  44. Leon Speroff Seventh Edition
  45. Maheshwari Orthopedics Fourth Edition
  46. Mannigots Surgery 10th Edition
  47. Millers Anesthesia Sixth Edition
  48. Morgan’s Clinical Anesthesiology Sixth Edition
  49. Muzzamil Histology, 
  50. N Rao Forensic Medicine Second Edition
  51. Neena Khanna Dermatology Fourth Edition
  52. Nelson Pediatrics
  53. NMS Microbiology Platinum
  54. Novak Gynecology 12th Edition
  55. OP Ghai Seventh Edition
  56. Oxford Oncology Second Edition
  57. Parikh Forensic Fifth Edition
  58. Primer of Diagnostic Radiology Weissleder, Second Edition
  59. Robbins Eight Edition
  60. Rooks Eighth Dermatology Seventh Edition
  61. Sabiston Surgery, 18th Edition
  62. Sebulingam Physiology Sixth Edition
  63. Shaws 14th Edition
  64. Shinde/Chatterje Biochemistry Sixth Edition
  65. SPM Park 21st Edition
  66. Sutton Radiology Seventh Edition
  67. Washington Manual Surgery
  68. Washington Manual Surgery Sixth Edition
  69. Williams Gynae First Edition
  70. Williams Obstretics 23rd Edition
  71. Yanoff and Ducker ophthalmology Second Edition