Physiology is a rank deciding subject. One who wants to get a good score to obtain General Medicine PG branch or a best branch should have thorough knowledge in Physiology (Pharmacology & Pathology too)

Should have hold on Central Nervous system (C.N.S), Cardio Vascular System (C.V.S), respiratory system and renal system.

By doing online tests they can able to know the important questions. Online exams also improve knowledge, application, and skill of that particular subject.

Free Physiology PG Questions and MCQs

One who prepares Physiology very well can easily score 8 to 10 marks more than others.


Different chapters covered under Physiology subject are Basic concepts, Nerve and Muscles, Kidney, CVS, Respiration, CNS/Vision/Hearing and Equilibrium, Endocrine & GIT. Our Physiology question bank covers all the questions related to above mentioned topics.

Physiology Online PG Test / MCQs: offers online test series/MCQs for Physiology subject including explanation for a very reasonable price. Our online Physiology PG tests contains about 220 questions and you can access to this questions for FREE.

These questions are divided into 22 tests, each test consisting of 10 questions.

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Free Physiology PG Questions and MCQs