Preventive Social Medicine (PSM)


Preventive Social Medicine (PSM)


Social Preventive Medicine (SPM) is a deciding subject. Preparation of this subject needs multiple revisions of the entire syllabus. Group study & practicing our on-line bits makes it easy to understand and remember it.

Practicing the bits multiple times will help the candidates to remember the bits. Important topics in SPM are National programmes, Health system, Community disease, Nutrition. 75% of bits will be covered from these topics. Practicing of previous papers and our on-line topic wise bits and grand tests is very much needed.

Free Preventive Social Medicine PG Questions and MCQs


Different topics covered under Preventive Social Medicine (PSM) subject are Epidemiology, Demography and family planning, National health programmes, Statistics, Communicable diseases, PSM Health care of the community, Environment & health and Occupational Health. Our Preventive Social Medicine (PSM) question bank covers all the questions related to above mentioned topics.

Social Preventive Medicine (SPM) Online PG Test / MCQs: offers online test series/MCQs for Preventive Social Medicine (PSM) subject including explanation for a very reasonable price. Our online Preventive Social Medicine (PSM) PG tests contains about 250 questions and you can access to this questions for FREE.

These questions are divided into 25 tests, each test consisting of 10 questions.

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Free PSM PG Questions and MCQs